Asbestos Sampling Services

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Sampling does not require an asbestos licence.

  1. If it has already broken off, you can take the sample yourself if there is no risk of spreading debris or exposing yourself to dust.
    1. Watch where you walk!
    2. Dampen the sample
    3. Place it in a self-sealing polythene bag
    4. Put this in a second self-sealing bag.
    5. Label it.
    6. Make arrangements for analysis by us (a UKAS accredited asbestos-testing laboratory)
  2. Otherwise, engage us (a UKAS accredited asbestos-testing laboratory) to take samples.

Point out your site hazards to sampling teams, including means of safe access to heights. Provide us with keys, etc.

You and your employees should keep well away during sampling.  Sampling normally need respiratory protection.

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Why use Asbestos Survey London

There is no better way to ascertain that your dwelling has asbestos or rule that possibility out than to hire professionals to conduct a full-blown sampling. It is not recommended to attempt collecting the samples without any previous experience with asbestos or, worse still, without proper safety measures in place. It should thus be made clear that any individual attempts aimed at specifying the kind of material are burdened with risk that we definitely discourage you from taking. Moreover, the best guarantee that the contractors hired can be relied on is the accreditation of your local council.

Sometimes it happens so that the full survey of your dwelling is not required and there is only one suspected area. In such cases, we often restrict our activity to asbestos sampling and testing only. These two steps are actually crucial if you want to receive a reliable estimation of the planned works and make sure that there are no asbestos remnants left. Using asbestos testing services you can expect to receive the results within 48 hours.

We can usually price around 80% of jobs without the need for a site visit. In most cases we only need:

  • Client details
  • Address
  • Measurements of the product
  • Location within the building
  • Pictures (usually closeup of the product, picture of the whole product and picture of the space around it.

This information is invaluable when it comes to pricing. When enquiring out of hours please ensure this information is provided so we can send you the most accurate, hassle-free quote as quickly as possible. If all relevant information is supplied we aim to provide a quote or estimate in as little as two hours.

Important Things You Need to Know for Asbestos Sampling London

Asbestos Sampling London

Even though you won’t see it, asbestos exists in so many old houses. If you do not remove it, it can cause major harm to your health. It’s crucial to take the best precautions to remove this threat from the environment. Even if your house does not have it but a place in your area has it, you have to talk to the local community about its removal. 

Before you call and hire an asbestos removal company, and they take the samples, you need to know some important things about this harmful material. Read on to know more. 

Some products still have asbestos in them:

You may not know about it but many items still contain asbestos. Without you noticing this harmful material can enter your household. Asbestos is utilized to make the structure heat resistant; this was the first reason this material was invented. The use of asbestos on a building will fireproof it. In recent days you would see the use of this material in thermal papers, elevator equipment panels, chalkboards, adhesives, roofing shingles, speckling, caulking, vinyl sheet flooring, electrical wiring, fire blankets, and so on. So to stay safe we recommend you to contact Asbestos Sampling London

Asbestos becomes dangerous if it’s damaged or disturbed:

If your house has a damp section that gets wet in the rainy season, and if the place is old, it must have asbestos in it. Also, if you are doing some repairing or drilling on the roof or the walls of the building, asbestos will get free access and they will spread its dangerous fibers in the air. If you are renovating your home, you must leave this task to Asbestos Sampling London because they know how to avoid the hazard of asbestos. Try not to handle this task by yourself, as it can cause a further hazard. 

If your home had asbestos in it and it was exposed at some point, you won’t even realize that you have inhaled it. The symptoms of inhaling the same can show up years later in the form of heart disease, or severe disease such as Mesothelioma. To avoid any safety hazard you must get in touch with us at Asbestos Sampling London. 

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