Asbestos Testing Twickenham

Tips for Working with Asbestos

Asbestos Testing Twickenham

The employer and employees who have to work with asbestos almost every day, need to keep some important things in mind. As they have to work with this harmful material, they need to be extra careful. They have to identify this material and check its condition and type. 

People who are responsible for the maintenance of domestic places must have full information about the condition of the building. If there are no details on the house, then you have to suspect that asbestos is already present there, and you have to survey the area to get samples. Here are the things we do at Asbestos Survey London. 

A risk assessment:

Our first task at Asbestos Survey London is to decide if it’s possible to carry out the survey work without disturbing or damaging asbestos exposure. With Asbestos Testing Twickenham, we make sure that nothing goes wrong with the sampling and our experts are safe while working in the field. 

For our workers at the field, if they are not able to mitigate the risk of disturbing the asbestos, they can identify the risk and the level of this material exposure from any type of survey. Depending on it, we determine the type of work technique is required to provide the best control in the face of risk. 

Need a licensed contractor:

Most asbestos removal is done by licensed contractors from HSE. We at Asbestos Testing Twickenham make sure that all work with sprayed asbestos is done with a licensed worker only. This will mitigate the risk upon the household and the company too. 

If not licensed: 

If the job is not done by a licensed contractor, then we go for a maintenance job. Also, we have proper control of the place. Some non-licensed employees also have requirements such as record keeping, medical surveillance, and notification at the job and so on. This is known as non-licensed work. 

We at Asbestos Testing Twickenham carry out better safety measures for our workers. If any of our employees have to carry out every day work at an asbestos-exposed area, we provide them with proper training and offer the best safety measures required.